At first listen, Ryan Petersen's music evokes images of sweeping pastoral views and wide, relaxed landscapes. As the listener delves further into the material however, they'll find there is much more going on.

 Playing and writing music since age 16 with mostly his guitar and voice to accompany him, Ryan has always been fascinated with the challenge of being able to create something interesting out of such a limited pallet of resources. Upon his first professional recording at age 22, Ryan was selected as the only American for an international compilation record that would include his first single "It's Quite A Mile."

Many shows and songs later, Ryan continues to push himself and his "less is more" attitude in songwriting in hopes that you will take something from it that is all your own. 


May 15th, 2018:
LIVE AT THE MAP ROOM: Available 6/1/18
A couple months ago I booked a day at a studio in Southeast Portland called The Map Room. The idea behind the project was to make something that was halfway between a live performance and a studio album. We tracked the songs live with a full band which, for me, was something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. Fortunately for me, I was working with some innately talented and humble musicians (those are my favorite kind of musicians btw). It’s not squeaky clean and it’s a little rough around the edges but hey, aren’t we all? I hope you find something in this that speaks your language and hell, maybe even something you can call you own. I could keep going on but for your sake and mine, I think it’s best that the songs do the rest of the talking. Enjoy this introduction to my music and I hope to see you out there at a show someday. 

Love & light, 




April 15th, 2018:
I decided to record my rendition of the beautifully written song "Jacksonville Skyline" originally recorded and performed by one of my favorite bands, Whiskeytown.
Hope you dig it. 
Live At The Map Room.jpg

Live at the Map Room

by Ryan Petersen